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Welcome to CTPI Frontiers, home to all our long-form articles, position papers, and e-books on technology design and policy.

Our hub is organized into four sections so you can keep up with your favorite topics: Fintech and Payment System, Systems Design and Security, Civil and Human Rights on the Internet, and Environmental Crisis and Technology.

You can also check out the full list of publications here.

Research Tracks

Fintech and Payment System

The Fintech and Payment System research track aims to explore, analyze and develop the roles of technology, business, and regulation in reducing complexity, advancing financial inclusion, improving competition, fostering innovation, and developing the economy. The topics in this track circle around the next generation of real-time payment rails, competition, innovation, and financial inclusion, and open finance.

Systems Design and Security

The Systems Design and Security research track focuses in developing system solutions to public interest issues in the tech industry. The topics in this track include supply chain security, security by design, and security education and training.

Civil and Human Rights on the Internet

The Civil and Human Rights on the Internet research track focuses on the current opportunities challenges the advancement of the technology poses to the exercise of civil and human rights. The topics in this track circle around internet rights, free speech, privacy, data empowerment, and bioethics.

Environmental Crisis and Technology

The Environmental Crisis and Technology research track discusses the potential system solutions to the catastrophic impact of human actions in the environment. The topics in this track include the current climate and health crisis and biodiversity protection.

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