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Moonshot Lab

What's a moonshot?


We get involved in complex and pressing issues on technology design and policy for which a systemic approach to technology can provide a path forward.


We're focused on high-impact projects that can potentially solve systemic problems for millions of people.


We graduate a research project to an action project (moonshot) when we identify a window of opportunity to affect change.

Current projects

Pix Evolution

>>We're collaborating with the Brazilian Central Bank on the evolution of Pix. Our role is to analyze their requests for inputs and send technical design proposals for the next phases of Pix in a way that achieves their goals of improving competition, financial inclusion, and the digitalization of payments.

Next-gen RTP rails

>>We are mapping opportunities to bring the core concepts from Pix to other countries that wish to create an open, ubiquitous, cost-effective, safe, and efficient payment rail. We published the report Lesson From Pix to showcase our learnings collaborating with BCB on the design of Pix.

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