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Labrys is an independent R&D center connecting tech, business, and policy to build, inspire, and enable society-focused technology at scale.

What we do: projects and partnerships

>>Business Opportunities: We work with companies, governments, regulators, and academia to uncover opportunities and synergies with the potential to build value, make a profit, and create a positive impact. Yes, it is possible to have it all!

>>Innovation and Research: Partnering with research centers and policymakers, we bring international expertise to help solve local problems.

What we do:
content - for all

>>Insights Newsletter: Every other Friday, receive fresh takes on the latest news about technology design and policy. We filter out the noise so you can focus on what is real in tech. It´s premium content, with some not-so-premium jokes.

>>Papers and Reports: Robust and in-depth analysis straight from the source. We identify big policy challenges within our research tracks and structure solutions and we share them with… everyone! No costs.

Our purpose

The lack of synergy between tech teams, business strategy, and public policy goals results in conflicts, wasted resources, and lost opportunities. Through our projects, research, and content distribution, we aim to empower businesses, regulators, and citizens to use technology as a tool to fulfill society's goals.

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