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Announcing Lessons From Pix: How to Build a Real-Time Payment Platform at its Full Potential

Barcelona, 05/05/2023 - Center for Technology and Public Interest launches the white paper Lessons From Pix: How to Build a Real-Time Payment Platform at its Full Potential, written by ex-Nubankers Mariana Cunha e Melo and Jonas de Abreu. The paper offers a deep dive into the design and protocol of Brazil's Pix, the fastest-growing real-time payment system in the world.

Announcement date:

05 May 2023

With over 148 million unique users and 8 billion transactions in the last three months alone, Pix has been gaining notoriety for its impressive numbers. Today, the Center for Technology and Public Interest (CTPI) published on their research hub a white paper that explores the critical properties behind the success of Pix. The paper is based on the authors' experience advising the Brazilian Central Bank (BACEN) during the design of the Pix rail and could help other countries replicate its systemic attributes.

Last November, BACEN's Governor Roberto Campos Neto announced the monetary authority would make Pix's communication protocol open source to facilitate its adoption by other countries. CTPI's white paper could help shed light on why some of Pix's design decisions dramatically impacted Pix's performance and adoption.

"Pix had a transformational impact on Brazil's economy and society," said Mariana Cunha e Melo, CTPI's CEO and co-author of the paper. "Our goal is to help bring Pix-alike solutions to many other countries so that we can see the real-time payments revolution at a global scale."

Whether you work in the payments industry, are a technology enthusiast, or are simply interested in the future of payments, "Lessons From Pix" is a must-read. It is available for download for free at

About Pix

Pix is the real-time payment rail built and run by the Brazilian Central Bank. It uses a real-time gross settlement system and connects 90% of Brazil's over 1 billion bank accounts. It's the fastest-growing payment systems in the world. real-time payment system in the world.

About CTPI

The Center for Technology and Public Interest is a Barcelona-based private, independent, applied research center. Its goal is to bridge the gap between technology, business, and policy to create systemic and sustainable solutions to the problems that neither the industry nor the regulation can solve on their own. CTPI offers a weekly newsletter and develops research projects around four research tracks: Fintech and Payment Systems, Systems Design and Security, Civil and Human Rights on the Internet, and Environmental Crisis and Technology.

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