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Systemic innovation for positive action

We are an innovation hub focused on technology design and policy and powered by the Systemic Approach to Technology

What is Technology Design and Policy?

>> It's a multidisciplinary field at the intersection of technology and public policy.

>> Its scope is everything in regulation that affects the tech industry and everything on technology and business of technology that affects public policy issues; from risks and challenges to synergies and opportunities.

What is the Systemic Approach to Technology?

It's the philosophy behind everything we do at Labrys. It's based on three pillars:

  • Technology is a means to achieve something, never an end in itself;

  • We must avoid cartesian thinking in favor of a systemic problem-solving approach that embraces complexity to build simple and not simplistic solutions;

  • We must be intentional with the impact we want technology to have on people's lives.

What we do


>Open discovery

>Design systems

>Disseminate insights

>Identify opportunities for action


>Technical advocacy


>Moonshot products

>Open source projects

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